Minecraft pocket edition lite update

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-19218624332. Official image for the Update Aquatic released by Mojang. The Update Aquatic is the name for a major update that was released for all of the Minecraft editions during the summer of 2018. The update was released on Java Minecraft pocket edition lite update on July 18, 2018 as version 1.

The official name for the update, the Update Aquatic, was revealed on November 18, 2017, during the MINECON Earth 2017 livestream, at which time the Java Edition was to be released as 1. Jeb had stated in a 2011 interview that he wanted to implement more sea life into the game. The first pre-release on Java Edition, 1. This update had 10 pre-releases for Java Edition, the largest number of pre-releases for any update. On July 10, Mojang released a trailer for the update. Divided the End up into separate biomes: Floating, Medium, High, and Barren islands. Item forms for mushroom blocks, bark blocks, and double slabs.